Sydney South African Film Festival

From 9-12 May 2019, the first ever film festival dedicated to celebrating the best of South African film will be held in Sydney.In a market cluttered by so many existing film festivals (think Tropfest, Sydney Film Festival, French Film Festival etc) our role was to help put this event on the map, reinforcing its ‘not for profit’ status and moving beyond stereotypical perceptions of ‘Saffas’.

Through the powerful lens of film we had the enviable task of revealing to people that South Africa today, in all its beauty, tragedy, vibrancy, complexity, humanity and colour, is a rich social tapestry.


Bondi Meditation

Everyone knows meditation is good for you but life is busy, and 95% of meditators don’t do it regularly. No matter how good your intentions when you start out, pretty soon you’re only meditating once in a blue moon. Meaning the true benefits aren’t felt, creating a vicious cycle of drifting in and out for millions of lapsed meditators. Kind of ironic in a world running on empty!

Our role was to spur on the Domino effect by helping lapsed mediators stick to their mantra – by positioning a new meditation app not as a burdensome life commitment, but rather as just one good thing to do every day.

Watch this space to see more!



Humanitix is a true flag bearer, a ground-breaking new player in the ticketing world. Simply put, it is a fully registered charity that takes the sting out of ticketing fees by putting them to work serving good causes. Our job is to help take this revolutionary concept to the world in a big, bold way.

Watch this space to see how we do it…

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