A Creative Exchange from Mumbai

A year ago I was lucky enough to meet a remarkable man in a remarkable place.  The man – Kiran Khalap, award-winning author, sometimes rockclimber and Founder of lauded brand consultancy Chlorophyll in Mumbai, India. The place – the inaugural ‘Indie Summit’  at the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

Kiran introduced me to the fascinating concept of the “Missed Call syndrome” in India which makes for an interesting read here.

I’m a big believer that no meetings happen by chance, and that real connections when they come your way, are rare and beautiful.  I immediately fell in love with Kiran’s wisdom, pathos and infectious intelligence. I could never have foreseen that less than a year later, we would be lucky enough to welcome one of Chlorophyll’s most talented copywriters, Kaustubh Lele, to DDI Sydney on a creative exchange. “Cozzie” as he’s affectionately been nicknamed by our team, has calmly settled into our special brand of craziness here at DDI.  He’s hit the ground running, been a keen and curious observer of our Aussie ways, and quickly blown us away with his gift for words.

He also surprised the heck out of us when he told us that Taronga Zoo is on his bucket list – cue ‘Zoo Visit’ this Wednesday!

We’re delighted to have him with us and look forward to letting one of our own loose at Chlorophyll to return the kindness soon!