Energy Begets Energy

Earlier this year, we were privileged to have the enormously talented and incredibly humble, Cleonie Quayle, share the sources of her creative inspiration with us in a workshop here at DDI.

Cleonie is a self-titled ‘Aboriginal entrepreneur’ who shares her life story through every piece of her remarkable jewellery. As one of the women being supported by our pro-bono client Global Sisters, DDI is thrilled to have contributed to Cleonie’s education as a businesswoman through the Sister School programme. True to Cleonie’s ‘hand up, not hand out’ philosophy, she graciously exchanged her words of wisdom in a bespoke creative workshop with our team.

Our Studio Manager and Senior Designer extraordinaire, Paul Conley, was so taken with Cleonie’s story that he immediately set to work bringing the Cleonie Quayle brand to life with a representation of her remarkable craft.

My take on all of this is very simple: Energy Begets Energy. Cleonie shared with us great vulnerability and humour in her life’s journey which is filled with tragedy, triumph and every emotion in between.  Paul gave of his talent with openness of heart and generosity of spirit for Cleonie and her future success.  And in that exchange, something beautiful was created. I watch with pride as these meetings of the mind unfold every day at DDI.