Global Sisters: The Game Changers

It’s not every day you get an invitation to spend an afternoon with twenty entrepreneurs from Global Sisters. It was an opportunity we couldn’t resist!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Global Sisters, they enable women to be financially independent, to run the businesses they have always dreamed to run, to be proud and to always stand tall.

We took deep dive into what made these inspiring women who they are and they showcased that they were a force to reckoned with. They didn’t take “NO” for an answer,  they survived in the face of adversity and persevered to become mind-blowing entrepreneurs.

Many laughs were shared and the occasional tear when we heard of their unique stories that helped craft the businesses they ran today. From picking up gum nuts with their grandkids to cooking traditional Cambodian food to help feed children at an underprivileged school, there were some truly heart-wrenching moments.

We were incredibly humbled to help guide these sisters on their next business adventure. If we are honest, we learnt more from them than they learnt from us and we walked away with so much strength that we can now apply that to our everyday jobs by asking ourselves…  “What would our Sisters do?”

– Heather Jarvis