Grabarz & Passports & Polar Temperatures

Written by Yannick Labbe our Creative Director from Grabarz&Partner Berlin, who now has his very own DDI fan club.

I expected many things from my sponsored trip to Australia. But one thing, I surely didn’t: the perceived temperature here resembles a mid-January day in Jenniseisk, pearl of the Siberian steppe. But instead of focussing on the rather uncommon similarities between the capital of New South Wales and the gem of the Krasnojarsk-oblast, here’s a few things I take home from my sneak peek into Australian work life, and life in general:

People are awesome. And so is working together with them. Chopper-flying is great. Wood-chopping is, also. It’s good to hang around dogs. It’s also good to hang around good ideas. Just to let them die sometimes. It’s good to not have an attitude. It’s even better to recognize that folks are better than yourself in what’s different from what you do every day.

So, instead of moaning along about the cold (which is one of the key selling points of Jenniseik, icy jewel on the banks of Jenissei-river), this is what’s also going to stick with me: the warm welcome for a random dude from Europe from everyone at DDI. You made this trip unforgettable. Thanks for everything, guys, you’re awesome (so is Jenniseisk, glittering treasure of the barren lands behind the Ural – but that’s a whole different story).