In a sea of Kardashians…be a Meghan

There’s a lot going on in the world right now that seems to be pointing towards a restacking of the gender imbalance. Let’s hope that this isn’t just a temporary positive blip and that the dial moves permanently to create the kind of change our daughters will thank us for. Amidst it all, an unexpected heroine has emerged as the new face of this very old conversation.

Steering clear of the stench that surrounds Harvey Weinstein, or the farce that’s emerged around my one-time favourite actor Kevin Spacey, let’s focus instead on the delightful Meghan Markle.

Beneath her princess-like beauty and fairy tale love story with the world’s most eligible bachelor, Ms Markle has revealed herself to be far more than that old cliché of a Hollywood actress who captivates Royalty.  She is an eloquent and passionate advocate for female empowerment, a phrase that is now less dirty to utter than it was even a few months ago, thanks to the #metoo campaign

In what is emerging as her own inimitable style – natural, articulate, warm and heartfelt – Meghan shares her views on this hot topic back in 2015 at a UN Summit.  This was long before she was picking out wedding dresses headed for Windsor Castle, or charming the Queen’s corgis into wilful submission, which leads me to suspect that she had no formal agenda, other than to encourage women to speak their truth.  Watch her disarm the room as she speaks hers here:

We’re seeing a modern icon claim new ground for women and girls all over the world before our very eyes, one who hasn’t felt the need to sacrifice her femininity as she’s found her voice, and whose gentle manner belies the power of someone who has a compelling fire burning within.

It’s hardly surprising that the flame-haired prince fell hard for Meghan.  She’s the role model I want my daughter to believe in, the “Girl power” I subscribe to in 2017 and the sign of a shifting perspective from the stuffy Royal establishment unshackling themselves in the wake of her undeniable style, wit, empathy and unaffected grace.   Qualities she singularly has the power to revive in a world of flagrant self-promotion and waning elegance.  Qualities too that every brand talking to women would do well to think about embedding within their own brand story.