For families grappling with the long and daunting stretch of another holiday period, there’s no better way to shake off those inevitable holiday frustrations than taking them out on those pins!

As the true home of bowling in Australia, AMF is the only place where smashing it up and letting go isn’t just encouraged…it’s the whole point.

DDI’s holiday campaign brings this light-hearted release to life in a way that’ll have every family nodding their head in knowing agreement.

Lost in the explosion of today’s entertainment choices, AMF needed to redefine their place in a world that’s always on. What better way to ‘let go’ than through the simple act of releasing a bowling ball? It’s real. It’s raw. It’s competitive. It’s childlike. It’s a release. Our pent-up emotions go smashing into those pins and quite frankly, we feel a whole lot lighter for it. This became the calling card for AMF’s new campaign.

Bowl off the angst!

The nagging boss, The angst of the schoolyard. It all goes crashing into those pins when we hurl a bowling ball down an alley. So when AMF asked us to bring to reimagine their brand, we gave them a therapeutic platform of a different kind.